What is ./edna891?
 - The home of several NFT collections in the metaverse 
 - The NFT collections have a touch of artificial intelligence and science
 - The rarity of each NFT is implicitly given by project

Tell me more about the NFT collections!
 - Individual presentation of each NFT collection
 - Each NFT is unique, individual and collectible
 - Hints about the rarity of a NFT are given
 - No NFT is generated randomly

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Conways - Game Of Life V0.0 0.08 ETH on OpenSea see trailer This collection consists of 1.001 NFTs in 5 different art styles with 200 NFTs each and on top the music from the trailer as NFT.The art style starts out very simple and becomes increasingly complex. Each NFT is 60 seconds long. The idea behind this is to show the game mechanics. That means some patterns are endless and some finite. An indicator for the rarity could be the chaining of the value of the art style and the attributes of the game like period length, heat, volatility and so on. However it's up to the community to determine the value absolutely! <3 ./edna891